Who Holds The Highest Vertical Jump Ever In Sports

Who Holds The Highest Vertical Jump Ever In Sports

When it comes to who holds the highest vertical jump ever in sports, we will often think of volleyball players, basketball players, or track and field high jump athletes.  The vertical jump is one of the high focus feats in an athlete.   There are a number of sports that focus heavily on an athlete’s vertical jump and it plays a secondary role in an athlete’s overall stats.

It may not be easy to find out who has the highest vertical jump ever in sports because the different sports determine the athlete’s vertical differently.  Volleyball players focus on a player’s spike height instead of the vertical jump we commonly see in the NFL or NBA.


It is hard to compare who holds the highest vertical jump ever in sports because each sport might jump differently and this will cause bad comparison.  For example, stationary single leg jump, double leg jump, and running jump will have a different result.

Today, we will focus on the highest vertical jump ever in each sport.


Highest Vertical Jump Ever In Sports


    • Wilt Chamberlain – 48 inches/1.22m

  • Darrel Griffith – 48 inches/1.22m
  • Michael Jordan – 46 inches/1.17m
  • Zach LaVine – 46 inches/1.17m
  • Spud Webb – 46 inches/1.17m

NFL (American Football)

  • Gerald Sensabaugh – 46 inches/1.22m
  • Cameron Wake – 45.5 inches/1.156m
  • Chris Chambers – 45 inches/1.143m
  • Chris McKenzie – 45 inches/1.143m
  • Donald Washington – 45 inches/1.143m



    • Leonel Marshall Jr. – 50 inches/1.27m

    • Wilfredo Leon – 50 inches/1.27m

Track & Field – High Jump

    • Javier Sotomayor – 96.5 inches/2.45m

  • Patrik Sjoberg – 95.3 inches/2.42m
  • Igor Paklin – 94.9 inches/2.41m
  • Zhu Jianhua – 94.1 inches/2.39m
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    • Cristiano Ronaldo – 30 inches/.762m

Platform Vertical Jump

    • Evan Ungar – 63.5 inches/1.61m (2016 Guinness World Record)

In Summary

As you can see the highest vertical jump ever recorded in each sport are different from one another.  It is very difficult to determine who has the highest vertical jump.  But we can see that these athletes focus on some form of vertical jump exercise.  They get the best coaches and personal trainers to design a program for them.

As a basketball, football, volleyball, and soccer players, it is a good idea to focus part of your workout on jumping workout

because it will enhance your overall performance in the sport.

There are vertical jump programs created by a professional that can help you increase your vertical jump.

Vertical Jump Program:

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