Free Way To Measure Vertical Jump Test At Home?

How Can You Measure Your Vertical Jump Test At Home?

Yes, you can measure your vertical leap at home with minimum equipment. Some tests are very simple which you can find equipment in your home, while other tests may cost you a lot of money.

In this article, you will find out how to measure your vertical jump at home from DIY to professional use equipment.

Why Do You Check You Vertical Jump?

Vertical jump test is a very important assessment of the lower limb explosive power and the test will be one of the contributing factors if the athlete can make it to the team. We see this test use most in professional test tryouts in basketball, volleyball, football, and soccer because this sport requires players with jumping ability.

Some high school or college will utilize a vertical jump test to recruit players. And a lot of young athletes want to keep track of their vertical leaps to test their growth.


For this reason, people who train in a vertical jump program will utilize vertical jump tests to track their progress. did a good jump in showing how professionals do vertical jump test. 

Below are a few methods you can perform a vertical jump test at home.

1. Wall Jump Without equipment

Wall jump is an easy and old school way to test your vertical jump without equipment. This is very easy and you can do this test at home by jumping up on the wall and see how high you reach.
Resources Required 

  • Wall
  • Tape Measure
  • Chalk
  • Step Ladder

Steps To Perform The Test

  • For best result, the athlete may warm for 10-15 minutes to avoid injury and better result
  • You use chalk to the tips of your fingers, this is used to as a marker during the test
  • Stand on both feet on the ground, reach up as high as possible can on the wall, and use your fingertips to make your first mark. (lable this as A)
  • For the second marker, you stand in place and jump as high as you can to make the second marker on the wall with your fingertips (label this as B)
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  • The distance between A & B is your standard vertical height
  • For accuracy of the result, you may repeat the test 3 times to get an average reading of the test

Advantage of the Wall Jump Test

  • Free for everyone without the use of expensive equipment to measure your vertical
  • Very simple to perform and you can do it anywhere with a wall

Disadvantage of the Wall Jump Test

  • Doing this test on the wall may not be as accurate because many components may affect the accuracy of the result.
  • You might not reach up as high on your first marker (A)
  • Your second marker (B) may not be the peak of your jump
  • A big difference between the 3 readings may affect the final result

2. Vertical Jump Test Equipment Vertec Use By Professional

Free Way To Measure Vertical Jump Test At Home?

Vertec vertical is a jumping device that is widely used by a professional team to test their athlete. You may see this commonly in the NFL tryout.


Vertec is a big pole with multiple markers to measure the peak of your jump. Each marker 1/2″ wide and the pole can be adjusted to 6-12 feet.

Resources Required

  • Vertec device

Steps to Perform The Test

  • Similar to wall jump test, you start with a standing reach to make your first marker and record how many markers you’re able to reach
  • Next, reset your vertec, and you jump as high as you can to hit the highest marker
  • The difference between the two markers will be your standing vertical height

Advantage of Vertec

  • Easy to use with accuracy 
  • Get your result fast with easy to read markers

Disadvantage of Vertec

  • Vectec device is very expensive which causes around $650-$724, which makes it unsuitable to test at home.  Usually, school or team will have Vertec for players

Vertec is a great device to test your vertical jump with accurate results.  The downside to this device is the price. There are some different brand which goes for $300.

If you want to test your vertical without using the wall jump test, you can make a homemade vertec vertical jump test device at home with PVC pipes.


Below is the Standard Vertical Chart Range for Men and Women. Use this chart as a comparison.


Males (inches)

Females (inches)


>28 inches

>24 inches

Very Good

24 to 28 inches

20 to 24 inches

Above Average

20 to 24 inches

16 to 20 inches

Below Average

16 to 20 inches

12 to 16 inches


12 to 16 inches

8 to 12 inches

Very Poor

8 to 12 inches

4 to 8 inches


Vertical Jump Training Programs

Now that you know how to compare measure your vertical jump.  The next step is to figure out how you can reach your goal and jump higher.

There are many ways to increase your vertical jump, such as vertical jump exercise on our list.

You can also review our top 2 vertical jump programs that have PROVEN with GREAT RESULTS!!

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