Vert Shock Review 2021: My Honest Breakdown!

vert shock review 2021
Do You Want To Dunk? Vert Shock can help you on your first Dunk by adding inches to your leap

Vert Shock Review 2021 Update

In this Vert Shock Review 2021, I will go over one of the best vertical jump training programs and my personal experience I had with this program.

Who Am I?

I am a 5’10 Asian guy who wishes to dunk. But as a teenager, I was not born with favorable genetic to jump high.

So I tried many methods as a teenager to add a little bit to my vertical so I can dunk.

Back in the day, everyone wants to be like Mike (Michael Jordan). I am also one such kid who wishes to jump as high as MJ.

I tried many vertical training methods in my high school years.

But I still struggle to touch the rim after all my hard work.

How I Come Across Vert Shock?

Vert Shock Review 2021
Vertical Training Help Gain 9-15+ Inches

Then one day, I saw JumpSoles Ads on the TV.

I saw this weird looking shoes where the guy gains inches in their vertical jump to Dunk just by simply walking and jump with it.

And I actually bought JumpSoles product with my summer job-saving.

I remembered how excited I was when I first got Jumpsole.

Walking around the house the entire day with my Jumpsole, jump, and train in the court.

After a few months of training with the Jumpsoles, I gained 2-3 inches in my vertical jump.

But I Still Can’t Dunk.

Jumpsoles fall short of their promise to help me dunk.

I Have to stop because I started to feel pressure on my knee when every I jump.

Along with disappointment and knee pain, I give up my dream of dunking.

Who would have thought after so many years, I come across Adam Folker’s vert shock jump training program.

I gained more inches in my vertical within weeks of training, whereas it took me a few months to get the same result with JumpSoles.

I was amazed by how much I improved in my vertical and basketball game in 8 weeks.

This Vert Shock review includes my personal training experiences and what to expect from Adam Folker’s vertical jump workout training.

I hope this jump program can help you improve your game and confidence on the court like me.

What Is Vert Shock?

Vert shock is a revolutionary new vertical jump training created to improve your vertical jump between 9-15 inches.

This program created by Adam (pro basketball player) and Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington (world’s highest dunker) to help athletes increase their vertical jump and become more explosive in their game.

Vert shock is a 3-phases program guarantee that increases your vertical by 8-15+ inches in less than 8 weeks.

Meet the Creators Of Vert Shock?

Adam Folker

Vert Shock Review 2021
This Picture Shows Adam and Late Kobe Bryant Was Training Together.

Adam is a professional basketball player who played overseas basketball and he played in Division 1 NCAA for the University of California Irvine.

High School

In his high school years, Adam averaged 31 points, 12 boards, 8 assists, and 4 blocked shots at Markham District High School in Markham, Ontario. He was a two-times team MVP with a score of 50 points.

University of California Career Stats

His height is 6’9″ and weighed 225 lbs during his University years.  He went to one of the Top University in California, UCI (University of California Irvine) from 2008 to 2012, His career stats in UCI was 9.3 points per games, 6.3 rebounds, 1.1 assists, and 57.2% field goals percentage (FG%).

Adam’s career in UCI earned him the first ranked in Big West Conference with over 50 percent in FG%.  He was rewarded with Big West’s “Best Hustle” award for his last season in Unversity. He dominated the boards with 6.7 boards per game.

Professional Team Stats

Adam signed a one-year contract with BK Nova Hut Ostrava of the Czech Republic National Basketball League from 2012-13.  He helped the NH Ostrava team to advance to the semifinals of Czech Republic League in 2012-13.


Adam is certified as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

He was certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

NSCA is a nonprofit professional organization based on research-based on advancing the strength and conditioning profession around the world.

He works with professional athletes and a professional team as a performance coach.

After Adam finished with his professional player’s life, he did not leave the basketball world, he stuck around not as a player, but as a coach and trainer.  He wants to share his knowledge in basketball training, and that’s why he developed Vert Shock to help more basketball players unlock their full vertical potential.

Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington

Vert Shock Review 2021
Justin “Jus Fly” won the Nike Slam dunk contest

He has been named the #1 Dunker in the world.

Justin is only 6’4″ but his astounding vertical jump recorded estimated at 53 inches.  His vertical leap is greater than many NBA players.

You may not hear of Justin Darlington, but in the basketball world, he more knowns as “Jus Fly”.  You will be drawn toward him after his creative dunk.

He has won multiple dunking contests and coached many professional NBA basketball players. He stunned the Nike Slam dunk contest audience with his insane cartwheel dunk.

Justin is one of the lucky individuals born with the ability to dunk. His dad could dunk back in his day, and he was only 5’10”.  His little brother could also dunk too.  He didn’t spend a lot of time at the gym doing weight lifting.  Justin spends most of his time on the court and plyometric training to dunk.  He further applied this concept to Vert Shock, which is not heavy weight lifting base training to dunk.  It is focused on plyometric training.

So you see, both Adam and Justin know what to do when it comes to vertical training.

They create this never before seen vertical jump program to help you jump higher.

Mr. Folker and Mr. Darlington did a good job of creating an easy and simple to follow vertical jump training with many proven vertical jump training and included up to dated science-based evidence.

This program is not like the Air Alert program which used an out-dated concept in the 90s, You Jump Higher By Jumping More,

Vert Shock is a revolutionary new training method with 3 unique phases of shock training to help you jump higher.

They also included a maintenance phase after 8 weeks of training to ensure you maintain your vertical gain after you finished with the program.

How Do Vert Shock Works?

Vert Shock develops from the Russian training program by scientist Dr. Verkhoshanksy.

Vert shock program bases on the concept of training your elastic fibers to increase the maximum tension build up in the fibers.

To be more specific, we are training our Type II B  (Type IIx or fast-twitch fibers) muscle fibers.

Type IIx muscle fibers are faster and powerful muscle fibers with a very short duration that requires significant strength and power, fatigue very quickly.

Sports involve in Type IIx fibers are sports that require explosive speed and power in the shortest amount of time.

Sprinter in running or bicycle, baseball player running for next base or basketball player going up for a dunk all require Type IIx muscle fibers.

The more you train your Type IIx fibers, the more explosive and power your muscle fibers can generate.

Vert shock program develops to train your Type IIx fibers effectively and safely by the 3-Phases program.

Does Vert Shock Really Work?

This is one of the questions people will ask me, “Does Vert Shock Really Work?”

The answer is YES

How does vert shock really work?

The Vert Shock training method is science-based vertical jump training.

It MAXIMIZES your body potential by contracting your muscle faster during take off. This will improve your vertical leap potential with the 3-Phases Vert Shock program.

Vert Shock does work. It is not an easy jumping exercise, but instead, a very intense 8 weeks program based on plyometric exercise.

The Vert Shock program is so confident in their product that they guarantee you will gain 8-15 inches in vertical in the 8 weeks vert shock program.  If you’re not satisfied with your result, they will refund 100% of your money.

3-Phases of Vert shock Program


vert shock review 2021
Vert Shock 3-Phases in 8 weeks program. You Expect to gain 9-15+ inches in vertical leap after the training

Phase 1: The Pre-Shock Phase (1st week)

This phase is warm-up or pre-conditioning your body ready for the changes to come in this phase and prevent the risk of injury.

In this phase, you’re training your body with unique movements designed for the Vert Shock Program in the next phase.

Adam specifically stated that this phase does not cause too much pressure on your joints and knees.

His concept is Work Smart, Not Hard

You learn specific jumping technique exercises this week so your body builds muscle memory for the weeks to come.

Just like any new basketball technique or dribble technique, you need to start with basic first in order to get your body to perform the technique smoothly and avoid injury.


In the first week, you will train 4 days this week for 30 minutes per session.

You may gain up to 3-5+ inches in your vertical jump.

Phase 2: The Shock Phase (2nd-7th week)

In the 2nd phase of Vert Shock Training, be Ready To Work and Sweat for 6 weeks to come.

This Shock phase is literally SHOCK your body and push your body to the limited.

The goal is to push your body to the limited to jump higher than you can imagine.

Each exercise in this step is a special design to target your elastic fiber and gain explosiveness and strength in your jump.

People who fail or not gain during this phase are because they didn’t follow the program step-by-step, and choose to pick the exercise they think more beneficial.

Adam carefully picks these exercises in a sequence for a specific reason.  The system is easy to follow the “foolproof” direction.

Injury may occur if you don’t follow the exercise instruction to the dime. So no cut and corner here, you may be a risk of ending your basketball lif

Shock Phase’s purpose is to consistently shock each elastic fiber in your body by pushing each muscle fiber to its Maximum vertical leap and strength.

This phase workout range from core to legs workout to load your Type IIx muscle fibers in maximum tension to build stronger and more explosive muscles to jump higher.

Examples of exercises in this phase are

  • Core strength exercise
  • Deep squats
  • Depth jump exercise
  • Single or double legs box jumps
  • Tuck jump, etc.

During these 2nd-7th weeks of intense training is so difficult for your body, Adam requires you to 3 days per week, 40 minutes per session.

Phase 3: Post Shock Phase (8th week)

This is the last week of the program, the intensity of the training is lower than the Shock Phase to allow your muscles to further develop.

After 7 weeks of intense training, you solidify your muscle fibers to further improve your vertical potential.

You will notice your jump is lighter, and your speed more explosive and quicker.

This last week, we’re back to 4 days per week, 30 minutes per session.

Maintenance Phase

Maintanese phase is part of the post-shock phase to maintain your gain from the 7 weeks program. This program is done once a week with three different maintenance workouts.

The purpose of the maintenance phase is to maintain the vertical gain you work so hard for the past 8 weeks.


What Is Included In Vert Shock?

vert shock review 2021
Vert Shock Complete Package + Bonuses

If you Purchase Vert Shock Nowyou can instantly access Vert Shock Program from their member-only website.

Adam will email you weekly to make sure of the progress of your training.  His tech support team will be there for you all the time with specific Q & A.

I had a great experience with this Weekly check-in from Adam because I felt he is my personal trainer with full support.

Awesome 11 Bonus that’s over $300, absolutely FREE Bonus to access after your purchase.

  • The 4 Vertical Jump Killers
    • Included mistakes players make when they trying to improve their vertical.
    • Less detour and mistake with the inside tips to increase your vertical jump effectively.
  • 5 Dirty Secrets to Jump Higher
    • This is 5 dirty secret by Justin to help you give you quick and hacks that might be the keys to push you further on your vertical.
  • Weekly Check-Ins
    • The weekly check-ins email system to keep you on track.
  • Jumper’s Diet Checklist
    • You need proper food to fuel your muscles to grow.
    • An improper or poor diet will delay your maximum jump potential, and fatigue/injury may develop.
  • The Instant Inches Formula: NBA Jump Secret Revealed
    • You can learn the Secret of how professional players train to jump higher.
  • The Power Leak Fix For Overnight Hops
  • Olympic High Jump Hack Revealed
  • The Slingshot Secret to Instantly Jump Higher
  • The Vert Shock Maintenance Program
  • The Dunk Now Visualization Workout
  • Vert Tracker Workbook

Do want more Bonus?

Justin wants to give you FREE Jump Like Justin System just because you believe Vert Shock Program.

vert shock review 2021
Exclusive Free Jump Like Justin System

Justin reveals his secrets on how he gains over 50+ inches vertical jump.

This Free Bonus is like a Full course vertical jump itself along with Vert Shock.  They’re fully compatible with each other.

  • How to unlock 9+ inches
  • Use “strength multipliers”
  • How to re-wire your muscle memory
  • 3 “leg hacks” to unlock instant inches
  • How to easily dunk Without Palming the Basketball
  • A weird takeoff approach
  • How to build confidence

How Much Does Vert Shock Cost?

Vert Shock costs $67 after the Discount price at 50% off.

You will dunk in an 8-weeks or 60 days money-back guarantee.

Think of it as testing the Vert Shock System for 60 days for free. If it’s not working for you, Adam will happily return your money 100%.

So why not give this a try,

Vert Shock Pros & Cons


Easy to follow workout videos and website navigation

vert shock review 2021

Adam created the Vert Shock program interface setup with very simple and easy to navigate.  The vertical navigator bar is the major component of the program.

This includes exercise video, pre-shock phase, shock phase, post-shock phase, visualization, vert tracker, and etc.

No equipment necessary, exercise can be performed anywhere


What I like best about Vert Shock is the exercise program doesn’t require the need for gym equipment.  Since the program does not require a gym membership, you can basically do your exercise anywhere.

You can do the exercise in your backyard, basement, or a park new to your home. You may also need a bench, raise a platform for your box jump exercise. I did most of my exercise near the basketball court.  The best way to motivate me to dunk is to train near a basketball court.

Short Program To Get Result

Vert Shock program consisted of 8 weeks, it is one of the shortest vertical jump programs in the market.  Even though it’s only 8 weeks, your end result will shock you.  But you need a lot of dedication and hard work for the result.

10+ inches added to your vertical jump

Adam guarantees an 8-15+ increase in your vertical jump after you finish his training in 8 weeks.   I gained 2 inches after my 2nd week of training.

60 days money-back guarantee

Adam and Justin created this program with guaranteed quality to their vertical jump program.

They are so confident in the quality of their program that they will return your money 100% if you’re not satisfied with your result in 60 days.


Physical exhaustion from 8 weeks of an intense workout

This is a very high-intensity workout that is base on the plyometric jump.  Your body will be very exhausted after the 8 weeks program.

Buy the plus side is your vertical gain will shock you.  Some people may not like the feeling of every part of your body ache from the exercise

No Weight Training Exercise

Some people may be disappointed with Vert Shock training without weightlifting exercise.

I personally hate weightlifting because of how boring it is. I rather play basketball all-day instead of staying in the gym for 30 minutes.

Need access to the internet for Videos

One of the downsides about the Vert Shock online interface is you can download the workout video for offline use. You may not be able to continue your workout if you don’t have access online.

Need access to DVD players

Some exercise video need DVD players to access

Not enough injury prevention tips

There are no injury prevention tips in the program.  But you can easily prevent microinjury build up in your body by daily stretch from our article.

Vert Shock Testimonials

What is the best way to see if the Vert Shock program really work?

In my opinion, I think reading and watching videos of Vert shock Testimonial stories and videos will give me a deep understanding of the Vert Shock program.

Testimonial From User Richard Guymon

“Then I did Vert Shock and now I average a couple dunks a game and even dunk on defenders. I’m also a starter on the team and have won multiple dunk competitions!”

Testimonial From Paul Parker

After starting Vert Shock let me tell you – the results are amazing. For a player who didn’t even average 1 minute of playing time in high school your program helped me make a professional roster!”

You have to see other people’s success stories and you can be one of those people who will share your Vert Shock testimonial video.

Click Here for Vert Shock Testimonials Videos.

Other Vertical Jump Programs

Every Vertical Jump Program requires hard work and dedication.

Not every program fits for everyone because our bodies build differently for each person. You need to find the right program for your body to maximize your vertical jump potential.

The Vert Shock and Jump Manual are the two best-jumping programs out in the market.

Vert Shock program will get the best result without equipment, while Jump Manual will get the most effective result with gym access.

We also have articles that teach you to stretch to jump higher and 9 simple exercises to help you jump higher

My Vert Shock Result

After 8 weeks of intense vert shock program, I gained 9.5 inches.

I am very satisfied with Vert Shock, I gained 3 times more within 8 weeks than 3 months with Jumpsoles.

I felt very confident when I play basketball with my friends.

Common Ask Questions

Is vert Shock A Scam?

I can’t count how many times I get ask this question “Is Vert Shock A Scam” or they straight out yell at me saying “It’s a Scam, Don’t listen to him”

There are many false claims or bold promises when it comes to guaranteeing a vertical gain. I personally experience with JumpSoles.

However, you can rest sure that Vert Shock is not a scam. This product really works and was created by former basketball players who really want to help others to dunk.

Vert Shock is a high-quality vertical jump program with rich professional experiences.

How Does Vert Shock work?

Vert Shock special design exercises designed to target your hard to train elastic muscle fibers

3-Phase Vert Shock Program to help you gain 9-15+ inches.

Pre Shock Phase (1st Step) is the first-week training. This step designed to get your body ready for the following 6 weeks of high-intensity training.  You can think of it as Vert Shock 101, you learn the unique exercises only for the Vert Shock.


The Shock Phase (2nd Step) designed with high-intensity training to specifically train your elastic fibers to generate explosiveness and vertical gain.  Your body will be very fatigue during this step, but your muscle fibers continue to grow bigger and stronger.

Post Shock Phase (3rd Step) is the last week of the training. You’re getting a small break in less intense training. But this is the last crucial step to further laying a solid foundation to further push your vertical potential to the roof (rim).

The 4th step is the maintenance phase is to help you maintain your vertical gain.

Can you do vert shock twice?

Yes, you can do a couple of rounds of Vert Shock Training. But you get the most in the first few round of training.

Like any other training, your body gains the most for vertical potential on your first 2 runs of the training.

As your body gets used to the high-intensity training, you may be reaching a plateau, and slow down on your gain.

But don’t give up, Adam specifically created bonuses for this reason. One such bonus is the Vert Shock Complex training routines.

Vert shock Complex training routines require gym and equipment. It is the strength training exercise.

Do I need any equipment for Vert Shock?

The best part of Vert Shock is it does not require any equipment or access to a gym. Your body is the best weight and your home, park or court is the best training ground.

The original Vert Shock 3 phases are heavy weight lifting requirements, but Adam included weight lifting components and other skills to further help you with your vertical training.

Is it safe?

Yes, Vert Shock’s training does not require equipment or heavy weight lifting.  It is safe for your knees and joints.  Of course, speak with your Doctor, team doctor, or coach before you start any exercise.

Is it safe for Kids?

Yes. Vert Shock is safe for youth, high schoolers, and college.  It does not require weight lifting so it is very safe during kids’ growth spur.

The training intensity may be too much for youth.  High school basketball players will see a more positive result.

Do you have lifetime access to the Vert Shock website?

Vert Shock website access locked to your account.

It does not expire and you can log in anytime your wish, but only one login at a time.

Does vert shock work for volleyball players?

Yes, Vert Shock is designed for sport required vertical jumps such as volleyball, soccer, football, and basketball.

How Long Is Vert Shock Program?

Vert Shock is an 8 weeks program with 3 phases.  That is a total of 26 training days, 30-40 minutes per session.

Vert shock vs Jump manual

Both Vert Shock and Jump Manual are the Top 2 Vertical jump training I highly recommended.

The jump manual was out in the market longer than Vert shock.

Jump Manual Program Overview:

  • Created by Jacob Hiller in 2008
  • A well-Balanced Vertical jump program includes Pre and post-workout, jumping, and strength training
  • Developed by a professional trainer with a combination of science and coaching experience
  • INJURY PREVENTION (detail and easy to follow stretching program to prevent injury)
  • Easy to follow Nutrition Program
  • 12 Weeks Jump Program increase a minimum of 10 inches
  • Easy to follow workout videos

Vert Shock Program Overview:

  • I am not going into detail since we have full detail in this Vert Shock Review 2021, but I will highlight the important parts.
  • No equipment necessary 
  • 8 weeks vertical jump program to increase 9-15+ inches
  • Easy to follow workout videos and website navigation
  • 3 Phases program designed by a professional coach and basketball player
  • Plyometric Exercises no heavy weight lifting, gym requires

For more detail on the Vert Shock Vs Jump Manual, you can read more detail here.

vert shock vs air alert

Final Thought of Vert Shock Review 2021:

If you’re a basketball player, soccer player, volleyball player, and you want to improve your game, try out the Vert Shock program.

It will bring your game to the next level. You will surprise your coach and scouts.

I like how Vert Shock really delivered what they promise me to increase my vertical in 8 weeks.

I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

It is very safe and fun to train. Even though the Shock Phase is tough, I almost gave up during the 5th week, but I receive an email from Adam to stick with the program for just another week.

I’m glad I stick with the program to the end because I gained almost 10 inches.

So if you want to dunk, struggling to dunk, or want to improve your dunk potential, I recommended giving Vert Shock a try.

This high-quality vertical jump program can change your life, and make you a better baller, and impress your teammate, coaches, friends, and cheerleaders.

Click on the link below to start your first step to jump higher.

Download Vert Shock Now!!


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