Top 30 Shortest NBA Players To Dunk In Games

The NBA has attracted a lot of fan base over the years due to the amazingly athletic performance and highlight dunks, their outstanding plays and high-level standard, being one the most watch sports around the world, and it will overgrow more in popularity as times goes on. Dunks have been one of the fan’s favorites in basketball, especially when we have the best of the best basketball players taking the stage in the NBA league. Dunking a basketball requires a minimum of height to dunk, and while shorter players are out of luck to dunk. But today, we go over a list of shortest NBA players to dunk in the game that will go against “only big man who can dunk”.

The average height to dunk in the NBA is 6’4″. Many of the great dunkers like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Vince Carter, Dominique Wilkins, Blake Griffin, and Julius Erving are guys who are over 6’4″. But throughout NBA history, we have guys who are below 6’4″ that dominate other players with their amazing dunks.

We also have players below 6 feet that became NBA Slamdunk Champions. The shortest man to dunk in NBA was 5’7″. Do you know who is this player?

In this article, we go over the top 30 Shortest Players to dunk in NBA history. The list is players in the past, as well as current players. Our list does not reflex the rank of individual players in the league, we go by the highest to shortest from 6’3″ to below 6′ NBA players who can dunk.

Shortest NBA dunkers Below 6’4″
30. Stephen Curry 6’3″

35.5″ Vertical Jump – 47.6 FG% – 16494 Total Points – 702 Total Games – 4643 Assists – 43.4% Three-Point-Percentage – 12th Seasons (current) – 7 Triple Doubles – 26 Total Dunks

When comes to Steph Curry, he is known for his long-range shot (which a lot of time close to half court) and not dunking a basketball. But Curry has hop, and he has dunked multiple times throughout his NBA career. He even dunks a basket when Lebron James chasing him down on defense.

Curry had a great career during his college years. Many people don’t believe he can make it to the NBA league due to his small build and height. His head coach in college highly praised Curry “Wait ’till you see Steph Curry. He is something special” He came into the NBA in 2009 with the Golden States Warriors on his current 12th season. He brought three NBA championships to the Warriors and 2x MVP.

Curry’s dribble skill, passes, long three-point jumper makes him fun to watch. Based on basketball Reference, Curry had 26 dunks recorded throughout his NBA career. He dunked seven times during the 2015-16 season, one dunk each on the 2017-18 and the 2018-19 season. With his height at 6’3″, Curry can dunk, but he’s not a great dunker. He missed an open dunk against Huston Rocket in game 3. As of today, Curry had a total of 26 dunks in his career.

Although Curry is 6’3″, he is not the smallest guard, but he is still one of the shortest NBA players to dunk in the game when there are other guys like LBJ or Keven Durant with amazing dunk along with their height.

29. Russell Westbrook 6’3″

36.5″ Vertical Jump – 43.7 FG% – 20448 Total Points – 880 Total Games – 7325 Assists – 30.4% Three-Point-Percentage – 13th Seasons (current) – 148 Triple Doubles – 554 Total Dunks

Russell Westbrook is one of the best point guards who can throw down a monstrous dunk on a fast break, catching an alley-oop, dunk, and dunk over big guys on the court. Westbrook’s athleticism and performance make fans yawning for his explosive dunk.

He was drafted by Oklahoma City Thunder 1st round 4th overall pick in 2008. He is currently playing for Washington Wizard.

Even though Westbrook is 6’3″, he is considered slightly above average for a point guard (6’2″ is average point guard height in NBA). Westbrook’s vertical jump is very impressive at 36.5 inches, and if you compare it to J.R. Smith who’s 6’6″ with a vertical jump at 35.5 inches.


Throughout his NBA career, Westbrook had a total of 554 dunks up till the 2019-20 season. In the 2015-16 season, he had 69 dunk total when he played for OKC. Westbrook had changed his playing style from an attack point guard to a point guard who involves his teammate in the play. He left Huston Rockets to play for Wizards in the 2020-21 season. We look forward to more monstrous dunks from Westbrook this season.

If you look at Westbrook dunk, you would not believe a point guard under 6’4″ average 0.04% dunk per game. In his rookie year, he had a total of 59 dunks with an average of .064 dunk on the season. If we compare this to Curry who averages .003 per game. So Westbrook should be listed in the top 10 shortest NBA players who can dunk, but he at #29 due to his height, and we have shorter guys who can dunk in the game.

28. Derrick Rose 6’3″

42″ Vertical Jump – 45.6 FG% – 11213 Total Points – 598 Total Games – 3344 Assists – 30.5% Three-Point-Percentage – 12th Seasons (current) – 1 Triple Double – 106 Total Dunks

Derrick Rose was the uprising star for Chicago Bulls when he was drafted in 2008 (1st round, 1st overall pick). Rose was born in Chicago, Illinois, and he played returned to his hometown when he gets to the NBA. He bought a lot of hope to the Chicago fans and was the first person to score more than 10 points on his first `10 games since the legend Michael Jordan. He won rookie of the year in 2011 following after Michael Jordan and Elton Brand.

Rose is very explosive on the court. He is not shy to demonstrate his monstrous dunks for the fans. Rose came into the league with a vertical of 37 inches. He was tested again 17 months later and gained 5 inches to his vertical at 42 inches during offseason training in LA. With the increase of vertical jump, Rose becomes even more explosive on his dunk. During the same year (2011), he won the rookie of the year, he had a season-high dunk at 32 dunks, Throughout his career up to 2019-20 season, Rose had a dunk total of 106, but his dunk drops tremendously after an ACL tear in 2011-12.

Rose still a great player even though he dunks less since he recovered from his ACL injury.

27. Robert Pack 6’2″

40″ Vertical Jump – 42.5 FG% – 4921 Total Points – 552 Total Games – 2556 Assists – 29.2% Three-Point-Percentage – 13th Seasons – 1 Triple Double – 22 Total Dunks

Robert Pack currently an assistant coach in Washington Wizards. He came into the NBA league in 1991 undrafted. He starts off as a free agent with Portland Trail Blazers and later made it to the team by beating the veteran player Walter Davis. Pack played 72 games in his rookie year.

Pack had 22 dunks in his career, and he had 17 dunks during his rookie years. He joined the SlamDunk Contest in 1994 and lost to Isiah Rider.

26. Stephon Marbury 6’2″

43.3 FG% – 16297 Total Points – 846 Total Games – 6471 Assists – 32.5% Three-Point-Percentage – 13th Seasons – 1 Triple Double – 51 Total Dunks

Stephon Marbury was a former NBA player, played for the team in China and currently coaching in China. Marbury was the 1st round, 4th overall pick in 1996 by Minnesota Timberwolves. He had a better career in New Jersey Nets (currently Brooklyn Nets) in 1998-2001. He Had season-high 50 points in 2001 and hits two clutch threes winning shots. Marbury averaged 19.3 points per game.

Marbury later played for the New York Knicks for five seasons, but it ended badly and he left for overseas basketball in China.

In the embedded video, Marbury did an incredible reverse alley-oop dunk that excited the crowd. He was a legend in China as a player and coach. Marbury was three times the CBA (Chinese basketball association) champion.

25. Fred Jones 6’2″

32″ Vertical Jump – 41.1 FG% – 3206 Total Points – 430 Total Games – 990 Assists – 35.3% Three-Point-Percentage – 7 Seasons – 81 Total Dunks

Fred Jones was the NBA Slamdunk champion in 2004 by beating the two-time champion, Jason Richardson. His NBA career was not as impressive as his dunk. He averaged 7.5 points per game. Jones left the NBA and played overseas basketball in Italy and China.

24. Dee Brown 6’1″

44″ Vertical Jump – 43.6 FG% – 6758 Total Points – 608 Total Games – 2227 Assists – 35.7% Three-Point-Percentage – 12 Seasons – 8 Total Dunks

Dee Brown was born in Florida, and he played for three NBA teams in his career. He joined Boston Celtics in 199 and end his career with Orlando Magic in 2002.

Dee Brown was NBA Slamdunk champion in 1991 with his famous no-look dunk to win the Slamdunk contest against big contender Shawn Kemp (with a vertical of 41″). He’s definitely on our NBA shorter players to dunk list because he proved to everyone that he can dunk on NBA slamdunk contest.

Brown was not a big scorer (averaged 11.1 per game) or big dunker in the game. You would have to think Brown was a big dunker in each game since he was the Slamdunk champion, but he only had a total of 8 dunks in his entire NBA career.

23. Terry Rozier 6’1″


38″ Vertical Jump – 39.6 FG% – 3304 Total Points – 338 Total Games – 899 Assists – 37.2% Three-Point-Percentage – 6th Seasons (current) – 37 Total Dunks

Terry Rozier drafted by Boston Celtics in 2015 (1st round 16th overall pick). He averages 1.8 points per game during his rookie year. He improved his scoring to 11.3 on his 3rd season with a season-high 33 points won against Sacramento Kings on March 25, 2018.

Rozier traded to Charlotte Hornets in 2019 and improve his game by averaging 18 points per game, He had a career-high 40 points lost against Atlanta Hawks on March 9, 2020. Even though Rozier has a vertical of 38 inches, he doesn’t dunk in every game. He so far had a total of 37 dunks. He recently had a monstrous dunk over Keven Durant on December 27, 2020, and excited his entire bench.

22. Mike Conley Jr. 6’1″

35.5″ Vertical Jump – 43.9 FG% – 12466 Total Points – 838 Total Games – 4732 Assists – 37.5% Three-Point-Percentage – 14th Seasons (current) – 15 Total Dunks

Mike Conley Jr. is currently played for Utah Jazz in the 2020-21 season. He was drafted as 1st round 4th overall pick by Memphis Grizzlies in 2007. Conley Jr. played in Grizzlies for 12 years before he traded to Utah Jazz in 2019. He became the team’s all-time leading scorer. His father is Mike Conley Sr. who was an Olympic gold and silver medalist. He had a video of his father dunk off behind the free-throw line. So Conley Jr. had received his vertical from his father.

21. Collin Sexton 6’1″

n/a Vertical Jump – 45.4%- FG% – 2801 Total Points – 150 Total Games – 113 Assists – 39.6% Three-Point-Percentage – 3rd Seasons (current) – 30 Total Dunks

Collin Sexton heading into his third season in the NBA league. He was drafted by Cleveland Cavaliers in 2018 (1st round, 8th overall pick). Sexton was selected as a McDonald’s All-American before he listed in the 2018 NBA draft. is a small guy that can dunk easily on the court. He brings energy to the team and fans.

Even though there is no vertical jump record for Sexton, we can assume his explosive vertical jump is not lower than any top dunker. His wingspan was recorded at 6 foot 7 inches which is incredible for a slender build. He ended the 2019-20 season with 23 dunks total.

Sexton rookie year averaging 16.7 points per game and shot 40.2% behind the arc. Sexton improves his game the following years with 20.8 points per game and sho38% behind the arc. He had a career-high 41 points lost to Boston Celtics on March 4, 2020.

Although Sexton has all the tools to get attention from the league, he was underrated. We just have to give him more time to prove his ability to the NBA and show how small a man can dunk with incredible explosiveness finish.

20. Kevin Johnson 6’1″

36.5″ Vertical Jump – 49.3%- FG% – 13127 Total Points – 735 Total Games – 6711 Assists – 30.5% Three-Point-Percentage – 12 Seasons (current) – 1 Total Dunk

Kevin Johnson was a former NBA player who became a Democratic Politician. He became the Major of Sacramento in 2008-2016. Johnson played 12 years in the NBA. Cleveland Cavaliers drafted Johnson 1st round 7th overall pick in 1987. He joined Phoenix Suns in 1988 and become one of the elite players on the court with an average of 20.4 points, 12.2 assists, and 50.5% field goal percentage. With these stats, Johnson joined the all-stars players Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas for averaging 20 points and 12 assists per game in a season.

Although Johnson’s vertical allows him to dunk, he only has one dunk recorded in his 12 years in the NBA. Kevin Johnson had a monster dunk on Hakeem Olajuwon during the 1994 Western Conference Semifinals. Olajuwon was one of the greatest NBA centers in history with two NBA championships and two times defensive players of the year.

For Johnson as one of the shortest NBA players to dunk over Olajuwan at 7 feet goes down in history as the greatest dunk in history.

19. Brandon Jennings 6’1″

40″ Vertical Jump – 38.7%- FG% – 7801 Total Points – 555 Total Games – 3151 Assists – 34.5% Three-Point-Percentage – 9 Seasons – 28 Total Dunk

Bradon Jennings is 6’1″ with an incredible 40″ vertical jump. Jennings is one of the first Americans to play in pros basketball in Europe after High School. After spending 1 year in a professional basketball club in Lattomatca Roma, Italy, he came back to America and declared his 2009 NBA draft. Jennings was drafted by Milwaukee Bucks 1st round 10th overall pick. He played for multiple teams in the NBA including Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic, New York Knicks, and Washington Wizards before he returned back to Europe in 2018. Jenning played 10 games with Russian team Zenit Saint Peterburg of the VTB United League before the Zenit terminated him in response to his Instagram post. His post stating “Lesson in life: I will never play for a team and the dad is coaching his SON! Never again!”

Jennings is incredible with an explosive vertical jump coming without going to college, instead, joined the Europe Basketball team. With his small build, Jennings had 28 dunks in the NBA. This made him one of the shortest NBA players to dunk in NBA games.

18. Darrell Armstrong 6’1″

40″ Vertical Jump – 38.7%- FG% – 7801 Total Points – 555 Total Games – 3151 Assists – 34.5% Three-Point-Percentage – 9 Seasons – 28 Total Dunk

Darrell Armstrong played for 4 years in United States Basketball League (USBL) when he was undrafted in 1991. He later signed with Orlando Magic in 1995 and played 14 seasons in the NBA. Armstrong participates in the 1996 NBA Slamdunk contest. He joined with all-stars players Shaquille O’Neal and Tracy McGrady. He became the starting point guard for Magic and occasionally displayed his dunk in the game.

17 Rajon Rondo 6’1″

n/a Vertical Jump – 45.8%- FG% – 8921 Total Points – 874 Total Games – 7223 Assists – 31.7% Three-Point-Percentage – 9 Seasons – 32 Triple Double – 76 Total Dunk

Rajon Rondo is known as the elite facilitator in NBA where he led Celtic to NBA final in 2008 and 2010. Celtic won the 2008 NBA final championship. He recently won his 2nd NBA champion by supporting LeBron James and Antony Davis to help La Lakers won its 17th Championship for the franchise. Even though Rondo is known for his pass, quickness, and craftiness, he is one the shortest NBA players to dunk on the court. He had a total of 76 dunks in his 14 years. The last time he dunks in a game was in 2018-19 with four dunks.

16. Jonny Flynn 6′

n/a Vertical Jump – 40%- FG% – 1504 Total Points – 163 Total Games – 634 Assists – 33.8% Three-Point-Percentage – 3 Seasons (current) – 16 Triple Double – 8 Total Dunk

Flynn had a short three seasons in the NBA league. He averaged 9.2 points and 3.8 assists per game. He left the NBA in the 2013 summer league and never return after Detroits Pistons waived him in 2012.

15. Kemba Walker 6′

39.5″ Vertical Jump – 41.9%- FG% – 13154 Total Points – 661 Total Games – 3576 Assists – 36% Three-Point-Percentage – 9 Seasons – 2 Triple Double – 5 Total Dunk

Kemba Walker is one of the smallest NBA players who can dunk at 6′. His vertical jump was recorded at 39.5″, oftentimes higher than many great players in the league. He was the NCAA 2011 champion and joined the league in 2011 as a 1st round 9th overall pick drafted by Charlotte Hornets. He currently plays for Boston Celtic in his 9th year. Even though his vertical is so incredible, he only dunks five times in his 9 years and all five of his dunks were in 2012-13.

14. Will Bynum 6′

40.5″ Vertical Jump – 44.2%- FG% – 2921 Total Points – 360 Total Games – 1185 Assists – 27.2% Three-Point-Percentage – 8 Seasons – 14 Total Dunk

Bynum was undrafted in 2005 and played 8 seasons in the NBA league before he left for overseas basketball.  His stats in NBA weren’t that impressed with averages of 8.1 points and 3.3 assists per game.

Bynum’s vertical jump is 40.5 inches, which is impressive for a 6 feet guy.  He had a total of 14 dunks during his NBA career.

13. Ish Smith 6′

n/a Vertical Jump – 43%- FG% – 4779 Total Points – 613 Total Games – 2393 Assists – 31.9% Three-Point-Percentage – 9 Seasons – 19 Total Dunk

Ish Smith is playing for Washington Wizards as a point guard. He averaged 7.8 points and 3.8 assists per game. His vertical jump is not variable, but he can definitely dunk at 6 feet with a total of 19 dunks.

12. Darren Collison 6′

n/a Vertical Jump – 47.1%- FG% – 8857 Total Points – 708 Total Games – 3543 Assists – 39.4% Three-Point-Percentage – 9 Seasons – 47 Total Dunk

Darren Collison played 10 seasons with five different teams in the NBA. He ended his career in 2019 with an averaged of 12.5 points and 5.0 assists per game. He had 47 dunks during his 10 seasons and made 14 dunks on his rookie year. Collison had a career-high 32 points lost against OKC on December 27, 2012. He made it to the NBA All-Rookie First team in 2011.

11. Kyle Lowry 6′

n/a Vertical Jump – 42.3%- FG% – 13515 Total Points – 916 Total Games – 3947 Assists – 36.6% Three-Point-Percentage – 15th Seasons (current) – 16 Triple Double – 2 Total Dunk

Kyle Lowry plays for Toronto Raptors and won an NBA championship with Toronto in 2019 along with Kawhi Leonard (who is playing for LA Clippers). Kyle was part of the 2016 U.S Summer Olympics team and won gold medals for the USA.

Lowry averaged 14.8 points and 6.2 assists per game. He had a career-high 43 points defeated the Cavaliers on February 26. 2016. He later had a career-high eight most three points made in a game won against Hornets on November 29, 2017.

10. T. J. Ford 6′

n/a Vertical Jump – 43.3%- FG% – 4797 Total Points – 429 Total Games – 2495 Assists – 29.8% Three-Point-Percentage – 8 Seasons – 14 Total Dunk

T.J. Ford was drafted by Milwaukee Bucks in 2003 (1st round 8th overall pick). Ford’s NBA career was short due to recurrent back injuries cause him to miss many games in his three season with the Bucks. He returned to active playing and traded to the Raptors and won the starting point guard. He helped the Raptors reach the 2007 NBA playoffs. Ford sustained an injury in the 2007-08 season and he had difficulty claiming his starting position in Indiana Pacers.

Even though he has multiple back injuries, he still manages to dunk 14 times throughout his NBA career. He became one of the smallest NBA players to dunk at 6 feet.


9. Chris Paul 6′

38 1/4″ Vertical Jump – 47%- FG% – 18867 Total Points – 1023Total Games – 9682 Assists – 36.9% Three-Point-Percentage – 16th Seasons (current) – 42 Total Dunk

Chris Paul (CP3) plays for Phoenix Suns in the 2020-21 season. He declared a 2005 NBA draft with 4th overall pick by New Orleans Hornets. Paul is only 6′, but his vertical is at 38 1/4″ which gives him the ability to dunk on the basket. He had 11 dunks total on his rookie year.

CP3 quickly develops into the top league point guard, finished second in NBA MVP three years after his rookie year. Paul played for La Clipper from 2011-17 with an average of 18.75 points and 9.8 assists during his 6 years in Clippers. He had a total of 42 dunks during his career and 13 of the 42 dunks were from his time with the Clippers. He had a career-high 20 assists in a game won against the Hornets on December 10, 2016.

Paul traded to Houston Rockets in 2017 and help the team win a franchise-record 65 games winning streak in his first year. Paul is one of the small dunkers who can on the open court or with a defender. He hasn’t dunk in the last four seasons, but he still a guy that can dunk when the opportunity arrives.

CP3 is our top 10 Shortest NBA players to dunk because his height didn’t prevent him from showcasing stunning dunk in the game.

8. Allen Iverson 6′

41″ Vertical Jump – 42.5%- FG% – 24368 Total Points – 914 Total Games – 5624 Assists – 31.3% Three-Point-Percentage – 14 Seasons – 124 Total Dunk

Allen Iverson (The Answer or AI) is one of the most influential players in the league. Iverson was famous for his AI crossover and he did a double crossover which made Michael Jordan fell for his fake. AI made a jumper over Jordan and this move went down in history. Since AI is on our 9th spot, it is obvious he can dunk, but do you know his vertical jump is 41 inches. When we compare one of the best dunkers in the league like Kobe Bryant who has a vertical jump at 38 inches or LeBron James with a vertical jump of 40 inches, we can see that AI’s vertical is very impressive at 6′. If Iverson is above 6’4, he will easily one of the top dunkers.

Iverson started off his career with great success at Georgetown Hoyas University with an average of 22.9 points per game. In the 1996 NBA draft, Philadephia 76ers selected AI in a first overall pick. AI continues to demonstrate his greatness during his rookie year with 23.5 points and 7.5 assists per game, and 34 dunks. He was named the NBA Rookie of the Year in 1997.

Iverson was the NBA scoring champion four times during his career. Despite his slender build at 6 feet, Iverson won four times in NBA scoring title, had 34 dunks in his rookie year and 33 dunks in the following season,

Although by stats, his dunking decrease later in his career, and he didn’t dunk in his last 3 seasons, Iverson still the top smallest NBA player who can dunk in the court.

He averaged 29.7 points per game in playoff games, followed by Michael Jordan who averaged 33.4 points per game. ESPN rated him the fifth-best shooting guard of all time in 2008.

Short dunkers Under 6 Foot:
7. Frank Mason III 5’11”

N/A Vertical Jump – 39.7%- FG% – 670 Total Points – 99 Total Games – 260 Assists – 29.8% Three-Point-Percentage – 3 Seasons – 1 Total Dunk

Frank Mason III is one of the shortest NBA players to dunk in the game who is under 6′. Mason III played for Sacramento Kings from the 2017-19 season.  Mason III joined Milwaukee Buck for the 2019-20 season.  He averaged 6.8 points and 2.6 assists per game.  He had 1 dunk total during his career.  Even though Mason III only had 1 dunk, he is still very impressive to dunk under 6 feet in the NBA league.

Below is a dunk during Mason’s college warmup game in which he did 3 backflips follow up by a dunk.  We have no video of his dunk in NBA.

6. Jordan McLaughlin 5’11”

N/A Vertical Jump – 48.5%- FG% – 245 Total Points – 33 Total Games – 135 Assists – 37.8% Three-Point-Percentage – 3 Seasons – 7 Total Dunk

Jordan McLaughlin is another small who can dunk under 6 feet.  McLaughlin is in his 2nd year in the league in Minnesota Timberwolves. He averaged 7.4 points and 4.1 assists per game.  He was undrafted in 2018, played with Long Island Nets in the G league from 2018-19.

5. Carsen Edwards 5’11”

N/A Vertical Jump – 33.1%- FG% – 130 Total Points – 40 Total Games – 26 Assists – 33.6% Three-Point-Percentage – 2n Seasons – n/a Total Dunk

Carsen Edwards is in his 2nd year with Boston Celtics.  Edwards was drafted by the Celtics in 2019 in the 2nd round pick.  He averages 3.3 points and .07 assists per game.

The below video show Edwards dunked on James Harden during his rookie year.

4. Ty Lawson 5’11”

N/A Vertical Jump – 46%- FG% – 6970 Total Points – 551 Total Games – 3316 Assists – 35.9% Three-Point-Percentage – 8 Seasons – 11 Total Dunk – 1 Triple Double

Ty Lawson is an active player who currently played for Kolossos Rodou of the Greek Basketball League.  He won the 2009 national championship in his junior year with North Carolina Tar Heels.  He was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves with the 18th overall pick in 2009.  Lawson later played for Huston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, and Washington Wizards before he played three seasons in Shandong Golden Stars in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).  He was a lifetime ban by the CBA after inappropriate posts on Instagram.

In the embedded video, Ty Lawson dunks on DJ Mbenga.

3. Chris Clemons 5’9″

N/A Vertical Jump – 40.1%- FG% – 161 Total Points – 33 Total Games – 27 Assists – 34.6% Three-Point-Percentage – 2nd Seasons (current) – 11 Total Dunk – 1 Triple Double

Chris Clemons is the 3rd guy on our list who can dunk with a height of 5’9″.  He was undrafted in 2019 and joined Houston Rockets for the 2019 NBA summer league.  He successfully signed a two-way contract with Rockets and Rio Grande Valley Vipers.  During his career with the Rockets, he gets more plays after Russel Westbrook and Eric Gordon injuries.  He had a career-high 19 points against Minnesota Timberwolves.  Rockets later convert him to a full NBA contract.

Clemons ends his rookie year with an average of 4.9 points and .08 assists.  He had 11 dunks in his career before he torned his Achilles tendon on December 15, 2020.


2. Nate Robinson 5’9″

43.5 Vertical Jump – 42.3%- FG% – 6807 Total Points – 618 Total Games – 1826 Assists – 36% Three-Point-Percentage – 11 Seasons – 26 Total Dunk

Nate Robinson definitely one of the top shortest NBA players to dunk in the NBA follow after Spud Webb.  He proved that short (5’9″) can dunk in the NBA.  Nate came into the league with New York Knicks in 2005 with the 21st overall pick.  He had a total of 26 dunks during his NBA careers. He averages 11 points and 3 assists per game.

Nate had a career-high 45 points lost to Portland Trail Blazers on March 8, 2008.  He played for 8 games during his 11 seasons in the NBA and finally takes his skill to overseas basketball.  Nate ended his career in 2018 after he suffered an injury during BIG3 (a 3vs3 league) in the summer.

He was a three-time NBA Slamdunk champion in 2006, 2009, and 2010.  During his Slamdun contest in 2006, Nate invited slamdunk champion, Spud Webb, to assist him on his dunk.  Nate defeated Dwight Howards the previous Slamdunk champion in 2008.  He invited his top competitor Dwight Howards to assist him in his dunk.  Nate had Dwight stand under the rim in order to dunk over him.  He won the 2009 Slamdunk Contest,

1. Spud Webb 5’7″ (The Shortest NBA Player to dunk in NBA History)

42 Vertical Jump – 45.2%- FG% – 8072 Total Points – 814 Total Games – 4342 Assists – 31.4% Three-Point-Percentage – 11 Seasons – n/a Total Dunk

Now we finally at the #1 shortest NBA players to dunk in a game.  Yes, Spud Webb was the shorter man to dunk in NBA history at 5’7″.  Webb was drafted by Atlanta Hawks in 1985.  He averages 9.9 points and 5.3 assists per game. Although there was not recorded of how many dunks Webb had in his career, we have embedded his top 10 dunks in the game.

1986 Slamdunk Champion

Spud Webb is the shortest person to participate in the NBA Slamdunk contest history.   No one believes Webb would participate in the slamdunk contest. He surprised the media and his teammates with a two-handed double-pump dunk, off the backboard one hand dunk, and a 360-degree helicopter dunk.

Webb defeated top dunker Wilkins with two perfect scores (50 points) and won the 1986 Slamdunk contest. 

Final Thought

NBA is a place we see top basketball players display their best performance.  It is one of the most watch sports in the world.  And dunk is one the most favorite moments in the game.  We see monstrous dunk by many top dunkers in the league that excite the crowd.  It is more exciting to see small guys dunk in the NBA.  Over the course of years after Spud Webb (the shortest NBA players to dunk in NBA history at 5’7″), many short players display their awesome vertical jump in the NBA.  For example, Nate Robinson at 5’9″ and current Russel Westbrook at 6’3″ with highlight dunk every game.  It will be hard to find another player at 5’7″ to dunk in the NBA, but these guys give shorter players the confidence to dunk in a game.

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