Jump Manual Review – Does This Program Works?

Jump Manual Review: Does this program work?

The Jump Manual is by far one of the popular Jumping Exercise programs in the Market.

Can This Program really increase up to 10 inches in your vertical jump in just 12 weeks?

Yes, This program guarantees results.

What Is Inside Jump Manual Review?

In this Jump Manual Review, we will reveal the secret to unlock your vertical jump, and become the best dunker in the court.

This vertical jump program is one of the top-rated vertical jump programs in the market.  Their result will shock you.

Let’s Go find out the SECRET!!


The Jump Manual is a Vertical Jumping exercise program created by Coach Jacob Hiller.

Based on more than 15 years of scientifically proven research, and created the most effective exercises, training routines, and techniques.

This Jump program guarantees to increase 10 inches to your vertical.

Can this program help you increase your vertical leap to 40″?

Yes, Thousand of athletes gained 10-20″ to their vertical through this exact workout.

Vertical Jump Affiliate program

Who Is Jacob Hiller?

jump manual review Jacob Hiller created The Jump Manual in 2008 to help athletes develop 40″+ vertical leap.

As a basketball player, he is like every basketball player who wants to jump higher than anyone on the court. His High School vertical leap was recorded 19″ during basketball tryout.

After many years of trial, he created The Jump Manual and increase his vertical leap over 40″. He created this vertical jump program to help other players to jump taller and dunk on the court.

His vertical jump training guide is a world-renowned program with combines science, sports, and years of experience in coaching.

His program is one of the most effective and comprehensive training methods.

ESPN, Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated, Fadeaway Magazine as drawn to his vertical training program.

He is a Certified Professional Trainer who specializes in training coaches in athletes, amateur, NBA, professional athletes, and Olympic over 65+ countries.


I know there is many vertical jump program out in the market which promise a great result, but often time, they fall short in their promise.

But not this vertical jump program because Jacob has 15 years of experience as a trainer and working with top professional athletes around which allows him to create his finest vertical jump manual with his personal experience and the most effective training method.

In the Jump Manual, Jacob shares his professional trainer experience to help you develop your vertical leap.

Let’s find out what is the secret of The Jump Manual

What Do You Expect From Jump Manual?

Once you purchase the program you will gain instant access to The Jump Manual program.

The program is very easy to navigate and simple to use.

The Jump Manual contains 12 Chapters of the very thing you need to learn to increase your vertical jump.

The program will be complete in 12 weeks with careful design to build your muscles to jump higher. The program can be repeated after your 12 weeks cycles but I recommended you allow your body to recover 1-2 weeks before you start a new 12 weeks cycle.

This is a very serious program that promises great results in vertical leaps, but it requires hard work and dedication.

You have to keep in mind that this vertical jump training program is a high-intensity training progr am. You expect to break some sweat and muscle soreness.


This vertical jump program is specially designed by Jacob with 15 years of experience and scientific research, you can be confident the result of the vertical jump program are Safe and Effective.

Are you ready to increase your vertical leap to 40+?
Vertical Jump Affiliate program

The Jump Manual focuses the program on 9 specific elements or variables that will affect your vertical leap.

Jacob explained that the 9 variables combine together to enhance your jumping ability. And if the performance of one variable not as strong as the other variables, it will affect your overall ability to jump higher.

What are the Variables?

1. Strength

2. Explosiveness

3. Muscle/Nerve Recruitment

4. Flexibility

5. Stability

6. Nutrition

7. Body Composition

8. Genetic

9. Form

What is the science behind the Jump Manual?

Jump Manual is a massive program with a lot of concepts and techniques to improve your strength and quickness.

jump manual review

Why are strength and quickness so important? Because vertical jump determines by strength and quickness.

In other words, Power = Force x Velocity. Force is the maximum amount of strength you have and Velocity is the maximum amount of speed you have.

Therefore, increasing strength and velocity will improve your vertical jump.

What are strength and quickness?

Strength – the strength of your core muscles and strength of your legs are the foundation to determine your strength

Quickness – the speed at which you can generate explosiveness

What is inside the Jump Manual Program?

jump manual review

Jump Manual Program consisted of 8 chapters and an instructional video library with a detailed demonstration of every exercise.

The main topics of the Jump Manual Program are:

  • 9 Essential Variables of Explosion
  • Neurological Recruitment
  • Nutritional Acceleration
  • Ultimate Pre-Workout Warm-Up
  • The Max Explosion Workout
  • Stey-by-step workout & Tracking Sheets

Jump Manual also included 5 additional BONUS:

  • #1 Bonus – Lean Power Protocol
  • #2 Bonus – Vertical Inches
  • #3 Bonus – Beast Hoops
  • #4 Bonus – Interview with NBA Shooting Coach Dave Hopla
  • #5 Bonus – How to Get and Stay In The Zone: Interview With Timothy Gallwey

Download the Jump Manual Program for INSTANT ACCESS

Pros & Cons Of Jump Manual

The Pros Of Jump Manual

  • Increase Your Maximum Vertical gain
  • Easy to use and detail videos on each exercise
  • Great explanation of Nutrition instruction you need to feed your body for a great result
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Cons Of Jump Manual

  • Requires access to the gym for the best effective result. Jacob has alternative homemade equipment if you don’t have access to the gym.
  • No instant result from the program. You will need dedication and hard work to get a great result
  • Jump Manual Available online only. You can’t download the exercise for offline use.
  • Out-Dated Video Quality with no High Definition Quality

How Is Jump Manual Workout increase vertical jump?

The Jump Manual workout will give you great results in increase vertical jump. But like every workout program out in the market, you need to follow all its instructions and complete all workouts.

The Secret to jump higher is Commitment to the workout programs and discipline yourself to complete the program.

This program designs to help you jump higher and with many years of scientific research, and coaching background.


Your focus is to follow the program to get Great results!!

Jump Manual Program Free PDF Report

jump manual review

Jacob created a Jump Manual program free PDF report for you to understand what to expect from his full jump manual program.

Inside the jump manual free workout program, you can download a free PDF file.  Jacob the greatest tips to quickly increase your vertical jump by 3-5 inches in 45 minutes.

What is inside the Jump Manual Free PDF?

  • Important of correct shoes (sizes, types, weight) and correctly lace up your shoes will affect how much higher you can jump.  If your shoelaces are loose, the power you generate from your jump may diminish from the sliding inside your shoes.
  • Pre-workout and post-workout tips
  • Dynamic warm-up movements and Glute activation of the “PRIMER MOVERS”.  The benefits of the dynamic warm-up are increase blood flow to muscles involve in jumping, dynamic movements of the muscles in the same range motion which help in jumping, and glute activation which are the prime extensor of the lower body for vertical jump.
  • Static stretching exercise to help in jumping
  • Speed of Approach – The right speed will yield a higher jump
  • Tips of Toe Off – Proper alignment of your form will prevent injury and maximize power transfer throughout your body
  • Hand and wrist workout tips 

This is a Free Downloadable PDF Report is an introductory course to his Full Jump Manual program.  Click the link below to download your Jacob’s Jump Manual Program Free PDF Report and start your journey to unlock your vertical jump potential.


Nutrition Plan for Greatest Result jump manual review

Nutrition is the most essential element our body needs.

If you don’t feed your body properly, your muscle will not recover and delay your muscle development during high-intensity exercise.

You would not get the maximum gain if you’re not properly feeding your body.

The injury will occur with a poor nutritional diet.

Jacob’s program included a top-notch nutritional plan which is custom made for you when you train with The Jump Manual program.

Other Vertical Jump Program

Every Vertical Jump Program requires hard work and dedication.

Not every program fits for everyone because our bodies build differently for each person. You need to find the right program for your body to maximize your vertical jump potential.

The Jump Manual and Vert Shock

are the two best-jumping programs out in the market.

Vert Shock

Vert Shock was a fairly new jump program developed by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington who had an estimated 53 inches vertical leap.  Both Adam and Justin came together to develop a vertical jump program with their experience in vertical training.

I like this program because this program is fun to train in just 8 weeks.  It is a much shorter time than other programs in the market.  But don’t be mistaken this program will be easy since it’s 8 weeks program.  This is a very intense program and it is just as fun to train on the second training session.

You can click on this link for our Full Vert Shock Review

Vert Shock does not require weight lifting or heavy equipment in the gym.  It focuses on a lot of jumping exercises in this program with advanced plyometric exercise to develop your body to increase your vertical jump by 8 to 15 inches within 8 weeks program.

There are also how to jump higher tips from the web which is very useful.

We also have articles on stretching tips and simple vertical jump training to help you perfect your jump.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Jump Manual program is risk-free for 60 days to try the program.  Jacob is very confident in his program to guarantee results.

You will get all your money back if your result does not meet your satisfaction.


The Jump Manual is a very high-intensity workout for people who wants to get better in basketball, soccer, volleyball, and many sports.

The result of this vertical jump program will SHOCK you and makes you better than your peers.

You will increase your vertical leap 40 inches plus from this program with many years of scientific and coaching experience from the creator of Jump Manual, Jacob Hiller.



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