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What is the purpose of The Jump Manual free jump training program?

This is a short introduction course of the Jump Manual which designed to help increase your vertical jump in 45 minutes.

Free Vertical Jump Program EBook


The Jump Manual was created by Jacob Hiller. And this vertical jump program guarantees a 10+ increase in your vertical jump in 12 weeks workout program.  Jacob creates this short version of free download Jump Manual PDF ebook for you to try out for free. He is willing to share some of his secrets to jump higher in as little as 45 minutes.

Because this is a simplified version of the Full Jump Manual, your gain may be limited to 3 to 5 inches if it is done properly.  The best part of this free jump manual pdf ebook is FREE with tips and exercise to help you jump higher in 45 minutes.


What is included in the Jump Manual Free Vertical Jump program?

  • Important of correct shoes (sizes, types, weight) and correctly lace up your shoes will affect how much higher you can jump.  If your shoelaces are loose, the power you generate from your jump may diminish from the sliding inside your shoes.
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  • Pre-workout and post-workout tips
  • Dynamic warm-up movements and Glute activation of the “PRIMER MOVERS”.  The benefits of the dynamic warm-up are increase blood flow to muscles involve in jumping, dynamic movements of the muscles in the same range motion which help in jumping, and glute activation which are the prime extensor of the lower body for vertical jump.
  • Static stretching exercise to help in jumping
  • Speed of Approach – The right speed will yield a higher jump
  • Tips of Toe Off – Proper alignment of your form will prevent injury and maximize power transfer throughout your body
  • Hand and wrist workout tips 

This is a simplified version of The Jump Manual, but it is a good start to train your body for a better vertical jump.  You can check out our full review of the Jump Manual


What is inside the Full Jump Manual Program?

Jump Manual Program consisted of 8 chapters and an instructional video library with a detailed demonstration of every exercise.

The main topics of the Jump Manual Program are:

  • 9 Essential Variables of Explosion
  • Neurological Recruitment
  • Nutritional Acceleration
  • Ultimate Pre-Workout Warm-Up
  • The Max Explosion Workout
  • Stey-by-step workout & Tracking Sheets

Jump Manual also included 5 additional BONUS:

  • Bonus #1 – Lean Power Protocol
  • Bonus #2 – Vertical Inches
  • Bonus #3 – Beast Hoops
  • Bonus #4 – Interview with NBA Shooting Coach Dave Hopla
  • Bonus #5 – How to Get and Stay In The Zone: Interview With Timothy Gallwey


Jump manual is a great vertical jump program that existed in the market for 10 years with stunning results.  Jacob Hiller gave us the opportunity to try out his program with a Jump manual free training program with a downable PDF ebook.

This is a great opportunity to increase your vertical jump FREE.  Obviously, if you really want to increase your vertical jump so you can stand out in your basketball team and scout, Try The Jump Manual and Unlock Your Full Potential.

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