Air Alert Review: Is This Program A Scam? Stop! Read This First!

Air Alert Review

“Does Air Alert work”, “is it safe?”, “can I increase my vertical jump over 10 inches?”, “is this program a scam?”

Many people may ask these questions about Air Alert. And I understand there is some negative and positive review on the Air Alert program.

Air Alert Review: Is this program a scam?

Today, I will go do a Full Air Alert review to clear your confusion.  I will explain to you why you should stay away from Air Alert because there are better vertical jump training programs like Jump Manual and Vert Shock training.

The concepts of Air Alert are outdated with less scientific research to back up the concepts.  Continue training with Air Alert may be dangerous and lead to serious injury.

What is Air Alert?

Air Alert was first created by Timur Tukel in 1991 and quickly became the best-selling vertical jump training program.

The concept of Air Alert is to simply Jump a lot.  There are many negative reviews and studies showed that Air Alert actually does more damage to your body (mainly knee problems such as jumper’s knee, shin splint, and more) than gaining your vertical.

Air Alert was promoted on TV and magazine when it first releases in the market.  Baron Davis and Larry Hughes who are the formal NBA players endorsed Air Alert in the 90s.  I don’t believe NBA players will put their careers on the line to train in such outdated training when they have the best personal trainer/coaches to support them.


Tukel has released 3 more Air Alert programs after the original Air Alert in 1991.

Why doesn’t Air Alert work?

Air Alert is not difficult to train.  You basically need to Jump a lot, but it put a lot of strain on your knee from the program.  This program may be good for beginners when start your vertical jump, but I would not be recommended since it may do more harm to your knee.

Air Alert Exercise

Air Alert has 6 different exercises that are base on bodyweight without equipment.  The exercise videos look very outdated with graphics back in the 90s.

6 Type of Air Alert Exercise

1. Leap Up

  • Leap Ups begin in a 1/4 squat position.  Then jump 10-12 inches in the air without using the arms for momentum. Repeated the jump until the set is finished.

2. Calf Raise 

  • Calf raises are done by standing on the ball of your foot on the edge of the platform. Lower your heel below the surface of the platform and then raise your foot up. Repeat the same step until you finished

3. Thrust Ups

  • Thrust ups are similar to leap up exercise. The difference is you start the exercise with a slight bend in the knee instead of jumping from 1/4 squat position.  This exercise focuses on arm and calf muscles to propel you from the ground.

3. Step Ups

  • Step-ups are performed by using a chair, bench, or box. You place one foot on the chair so that your upper leg is parallel to the floor. This the leg on the chair to jump as high as possible. While in the mid-air, your leg switch position. Repeat the same movement on the other side.

5. Squat Hops

  • Squat hops start in a deep squat position, You thigh should be parallel to the floor or close to.  You jump as high as possible and land back to your starting position (deep squat position), continue to repeat the jump
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6. Burn Outs

  • Burn outs exercise starts with straight legs and your hands are place on your side. You use your calves to jump 3-4 inches off the floor.  Your heel should not contact the ground during the exercise.

Air Alert Workout Chart

We have talked about the 6 types of workouts for Air Alert, now we talk about their workout chart.  The jump training requirement for Air Alert will shock you by Air Alert’s philosophy of “habitual jump training”.

What do we mean by the crazy jumping training of Air Alert? 

The number of repetitions jump require in this program is simply too high.  It puts a lot of stress on your knee which will develop a lot of complication issues.

You start off with a total of 270 jumps per workout in week 1.  The exercises are mixed between the 6 exercises listed above.  You will do about 3 workouts per week.

More recent programs such as Vert Shock and Jump Manual does not require such a high requirement on the last week of their workout.

You may think 270 jumps per workout are a lot, you guess wrong because what you read next will SHOCK YOU.

On the 15 weeks of Air Alert, your jump per workout increase to a ridiculous number, 2600 jump per workout. This is an insane number of the jump for any vertical jump program I have seen before.

I can imagine young athletes will develop knee issues such as jumper knee, arthritis, and worse case is ACL or MCL injury if they go by the Air Alert training program.

There are better programs that were mention earlier such as Vert Shock and Jump Manual will help you develop your vertical jump in a safe and long-lasting gain.  These programs are a good balance package that will help you increase your vertical jump with a lot less stress on your knee compare to Air Alert.


Pros & Cons of Air Alert

They are many flaws in the program by itself.  It is hard to point out the pros and cons of these flaw programs, but I’ll try to list the main point.

Pros of Air Alert

  • Very Cheap – You can get Air Alert from Amazon a little over $10 with DVD and workout chart
  • Great Cardio workout – Due to the high repetitive workout in this program, you will train your cardio, but the cardio workout you gain may not fit for the high-intensity basketball game.

Cons of Air Alert

  • Huge Flaw with Air Alert Science – Minimum scientific base research back up their theory in “habitual jump training” will help develop your vertical jump for basketball.  This is a poorly developed system back in the 90s to claim jumping a lot will help you jump higher.  As science advance, we know that just by jumping will not help you jump higher to dunk.  You need a lot of different factors to come together in order to increase your vertical jump.  For example, you need to look into the explosive workout, strengthen workout, flexibility, stability, form, genetic, and nutrition to help you develop your vertical. This new method of the vertical jump came from Jump Manual training program.
  • Difficult – Air Alert program is very tough to complete with high repetitive jump per workout. Especially toward the later week.  Other vertical jump training programs such as Jump Manual or Vert Shock require less and greater results.
  • Dangerous – This program is very dangerous because the high repetitive jumps require for Air Alert will develop repetitive injury to your knee which will risk your basketball career.


If you’re serious in developing your vertical jump and you want to make it to the top NCAA team or even better, NBA, Stay away from Air Alert because there are better vertical jump programs out in the market.


Below are the recent develop Top 2 vertical jump programs in the market with lots of scientific research and GREAT RESULT!!

Other Vertical Jump Program:

  • Vert Shock by Adam Folker (no equipment needed) – Click here for our full review
    • No equipment necessary 
    • 8 weeks vertical jump program to increase 8-15+ inches
    • Easy to follow workout videos and website navigation
    • Plyometric Exercises
    • 3 Phases program designed by a professional coach and basketball player
    • Vert Shock was a fairly new jump program developed by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington who had an estimated 53 inches vertical leap.  Both Adam and Justin came together to develop a vertical jump program with their experience in vertical training.
    • Vert Shock does not require weight lifting or heavy equipment in the gym.  It focuses on a lot of jumping exercises in this program with advanced plyometric exercise to develop your body to increase your vertical jump by 8 to 15 inches within 8 weeks program.


  • Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller (well-balanced program) – Click here for our full review
    • Well-Balanced Vertical jump program includes Pre and post-workout, jumping, and strength training
    • Developed by a professional trainer with a combination of science and coaching experience
    • Easy to follow Nutrition Program
    • 12 Weeks Jump Program increase a minimum of 10 inches
    • Jump Manual was developed by Jacob Hiller in 2008.  Jacob is a professional trainer who works with professional athletes around the world to develop their vertical.  He included 15 years of experience in professional trainer and experience with professional athletes.
    • This program is very intense and is a longer program (12 weeks), but jump manual guarantee 10 inches increase in the vertical leap.  This program does require minimum equipment or gym for greater results.


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